Talent and flexibility, translation....fluency!


In an effort to gain more fluency in painting, I took a workshop by a well known painter this year in Hawaii. As you can imagine, the color palette is very different from say, New Hampshire, where I live.
There were several members of the class who were commenting negatively on the instructors palette on the first day of class. I am more of a "wait and see" kind of gal. After all, this is a wonderful, master painter and we're paying a goodly sum to have his talents.
What I re-learned and wasn't expecting , was that you can make a pretty darn good painting using only 3 colors, and white. It made me feel confident and more fluent.
This concept isn't new to me, I'd been taught this by the nuns in my college art classes; terms like "economy of line" "mixing mother colors" "painting in masses"
"expressing the shapes".....but after all these years, I'd forgotten! 
After the workshop I realized I had made some very insignificant, small paintings, but I'd gotten my power back!
Perhaps combining translation, talent and flexibility all adds up to fluency? There must be hundreds of combinations of approaches!
The more tools in our tool belt the easier we can translate, but a ginormous palette of colors isn't necessary! Fluency in the technique of painting is necessary.
Thank you! Ellen