Production with a broken wrist.

Producing art has been descirbed by artists as a "3 ring circus", " a "juggling act", "a roller coaster ride", "getting an enma everyday", "having my period 24/7", "a game" "an act", "an act of self deprivation, a life of rejection, and don't get married", "a good bit of fun", "people think you're an artist because you can't do anything else but I only produce when I'm inspired, "you can't hold down a regular job, so why not make the world prettier?", "it's family is full of artists", " a wonderful, lifelong journey", "learning something everyday and illustrating it for everyone else", "enjoying travel and business combined," and..."being busier than a one-armed paper hanger". The last one is my personal favorite. 

Halliimaile General Store/Oil on Board/ 10"x10"/$300/Ellen Friel@copyright.

The air in Halliimaile, HI is not really cool and not really hot. It's more like  a combination of both. It's very moist and the light is filtered. This is one of the best chef owned restaurants on Maui.The location of Halliimaile is where the ancinet king's beautiful, maile flowers were grown. These special, fragrant flowers are used today in lei making, and are seasonally grown. 

The production of art means a myriad of things to a myriad of artists, and right now, i have a cracked wrist, so i'm  busier than a one-armed paper hanger. This concept stands as a true testament to what I do everyday, when ihave the use of both arms....I keep working on the business of producing. i keep networking, keep looking at art, keep taking classes, keep going through reference photos,complaining about the weather, keep cleaning the studio, donating art, supplies, time or money to organizations that want my help, keep having lunch with other artists, and communicating with others on social media, working on my web site, freaking out, uploading, downloading, and the list goes on. I like the concept of a "daily painting", but I'm a one woman show, so it's more like a "weekly painting"....except when there's great plein aire painting weather.

No matter, keep on the business of art. it's a production process. If you're not doing anything, come over and bring lunch. i'll show you how to mix black with two colors, my new pleinaire easel, how to make Greek cookies, and ..????

Sorry for the typos. Ellen