The Bonfire

Every year, I have a bonfire and burn works which I can't keep. I can't keep them because of a variety of reasons:

The colors are wrong.The perspective is wrong. The people look like cartoon characters. My husband, friend, mother, dentist, next door neighbor just won't tell me they don't like it. It keeps getting passed over at shows, I've spilled something on it, it's covered with cat hair, it's just something I don't want my ancestors seeing. It has a bad memory attached to it....and the list goes on.In the piece below, I realized what a dog it was  after I painted the same scene 3 subsequent times. The colors were wrong. The waves are too unrealistic and I think there's something else that I don't like about it, but I can't put my finger on it. I really like the trees and they way that they transition into the sky though. That part of the painting is something which is a bit of a breakthrough at that point in time. It's still going on the burn pile though!

Thanks for supporting the arts. You're supporting a dying breed. The "squeeze out" sister and brotherhood do something which is one of the most archaic things left on the planet.