Ellen Friel in a ginormous zinnia field in Rosaly's Farm, Peterborough, NH.Well, here I am with my webmaster, Elise, starting my new blog!  

For several years, I have had an exhibit news blog which has given the details of what, where, and when for my exhibits, but I thought that it would be good to have a place to express more about my new studio space, my artistic process, the New Hampshire and New England art worlds, and to provide a place to invite other artists and art lovers to join in.  

Today I'm beginning my new website feature, Ellen's WOW!  (Work of the Week!).  Ellen's WOW will be featured on the home page of the site.  

I always hope that people will add more color and art to their lives.  It's important for people to live with art, and to choose works that they really love.  Don't be embarrassed to buy the art that really makes you feel good, just by looking at it!  Please don't go through life without adding some red to your home, office, or vehicle! Add some tropical blue to your summertime retreat!  If you have a Colonial home, Wedgewood Blue is not the only decorating color available!